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True enough, but I personally find it disappointing KRFP would give air time to a racist homophobic bigot.  He seems to have sanitized a lot of what’s publicly visible, but some of us recall his participation on the offensive “Neegro Fyaggit” Facebook profile.


Also, isn’t he one of those ammosexual losers involved in the laughable looney local militia?  Gotta love morons who think booze & bullets mix . . . . MAGA!!!





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Nobody is making you listen, and I’m pretty sure you can’t tell what kind of flag anyone is waving on the radio.


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Is KRFP (Radio-Free Moscow) hosting a show titled “Redneck Nation with DJ Derek” . . . complete with Confederate battle flag?


https://www.facebook.com/RedneckNationRadio/photos/a.361624717246893.85114.359404804135551/1509635855779101/?type=3 <https://www.facebook.com/RedneckNationRadio/photos/a.361624717246893.85114.359404804135551/1509635855779101/?type=3&theater> &theater


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