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Here is an update on a report that appeared here previously.

*One change is that Idaho is now number one in hate groups count.*


***States With the Most Hate Groups*


The number of active hate groups in the United States has steadily risen
over the past several years, from 784 in 2014 to 954 as of 2017,
according to the civil rights advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center.

A number of factors can act as possible explanations for the rise in
hate group activity in recent years. Many consider President Donald
Trump’s campaign and his first year in office as one such factor. The
ensuing social tensions likely emboldened new and existing hate groups —
not only to speak out but also to attract new members. Opposition to
such widespread adoption of hateful ideology has also inspired several
counter organizations that have themselves adopted extremist and
sometimes superior ideology, according to the SPLC.

While the number of SPLC-designated hate groups has increased throughout
the nation as a whole, just a small group of states in the South and
West are the hotbed of hate group activity. To determine the states with
the highest concentration of hate groups, 24/7 Wall St. used data on
hate groups in each state in 2017 from the Southern Poverty Law Center
and adjusted it for the population. There are 10 states with more than
10 hate groups and at least 3.8 hate groups per 1 million residents.

Source: Thinkstock

*1. Idaho*
*> Hate groups:* 7.1 per million people
*> Number of hate groups:* 12
*> Pct. pop. identifying as white:* 89.7% (7th highest)
*> Pct. pop. foreign born:* 5.8% (22nd lowest)

One-quarter of the active hate groups in Idaho are overtly anti-Muslim.
Anti-Muslim groups in the state include ACT for America operating out of
Meridian, the Committee to End the CSI Refugee Center in Buhl, and Pig
Blood Bullets in Priest River. Such groups are known for pressuring
lawmakers to introduce anti-Sharia law legislation. Anti-Sharia law
proposals serve little purpose beyond vilifying Muslims, as the U.S.
Constitution already denies authority to any foreign law. Earlier this
year, the Idaho House passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Eric Redman — who
has warned for years of the potential for Sharia influence in U.S.
courts — banning the application of foreign laws in Idaho courts.

Other hate groups identified by the SPLC in the state include multiple
groups espousing white nationalist ideology and one Christian identity





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