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Courtesy of today’s (August 4, 2018) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Letter: Do what’s right for Moscow

Moscow’s silent majority needs to wake up and be heard.

Otherwise, City Council members will continue to be elected who make decisions based on their personal likes and dislikes rather than what is best in the long-term for Moscow.

The Third Street Bridge is a prime example.

The prior City Council held several public meetings and ultimately voted to make safety improvements to Third Street and build a multi-modal bridge over Paradise Creek connecting Mountain View Road with Third Street. The bids for the bridge came in over budget. In my opinion, contractors are probably concerned about the possibility of the U.S. putting tariffs on steel and other building materials and are uncertain about what their costs will be.

The current council rightfully rejected the bids and decided to rebid the multi-modal bridge at a later time. Amazingly, the council, without scheduling public meetings, voted to build a temporary portable bridge at a cost of more than $50,000 for pedestrians and bikes and indicated they would like to see the bridge completed by December. Where did that come from?

My guess is there are several on the council who like to ride their bikes on the weekends. It makes no sense to pay $50,000 to $70,000 for a temporary bridge when the multi-modal bridge is going to be rebid — unless, of course, you are hoping the rebids also come in over budget. One of the council members commented that if the multi-modal rebids came in within budget the temporary portable bridge could be moved to another location such as Legacy Crossing/Extension of Hello Walk. That seems to me to be a bridge to nowhere for many years. Also, what would the cost be to move the bridge?

Come on Moscow City Council — put your likes and dislikes aside and start doing what is in the long term best interest of Moscow.

Bob Steele


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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