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Student Threatens Moscow High School Over Snapchat

MOSCOW, ID — This weekend, a Moscow High School student sent Snapchat messages to multiple other students, threatening both the students the message was sent to and the school.

And while police and school officials are not able to describe the threats at this time, they are looking at the threats as extremely serious.

Snapchat is a relatively new social media platform where you can send videos, pictures, write messages, and share them with your friends and the world.

But once you open up and view a chat, it's permanently deleted, and can never be opened again.

And while the social media platform is most often used as a way to show friends what you’re up to that day, when a threat is made to a school or its students, Moscow Police Chief James Fry says that threat is taken very seriously.

"I think you always have to take this seriously, things that people are talking about threatening people or a school. With the incidence we've had across the country, we take those very serious. We'd rather follow through with them rather than find out they're nothing, rather they're not and let something happen," says Fry.

And although Chief Fry says that he sees no further threats and the threats made presented no danger to the school, the unnamed student is not currently attending school.

The student is with Moscow Police being questioned.

And Moscow School District superintendent Greg Bailey says his top priority is the safety of students.

"We want to make sure that Moscow School District and Moscow High School is still a fun place for students to attend," he says.

He also says parents were notified via email.

Moscow Police are currently investigating the nature of the threats.

Both the school district and the police see this as an isolated incident.


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