[Vision2020] Best and Worst Cities for Women

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Best and Worst Cities for Women

By Samuel Stebbins <http://247wallst.com/author/samuel-stebbins/>,
Michael B. Sauter <http://247wallst.com/author/michael-sauter/> and Evan
Comen <http://247wallst.com/author/evan-comen/> September 1, 2017 6:00
am EDT


Gender inequality remains a matter of fact in the United States. Women
earn roughly 80 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts.
Many must overcome various stigma related to parenting responsibilities,
gender roles, and their participation in the job market. On the other
hand, women are more likely to live longer, and they are more likely to
have a college degree.

These challenges and benefits play out differently across the country,
and being a female in one major metropolitan area can be meaningfully
different than in another, with different prospects and outlook. A job
market with a severe gender wage gap can make life hard for women and
girls, as can a city with widespread poverty, poor health, and subpar
public education.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed multiple measures of quality of life, both those
that apply to women specifically, and those that apply to populations in
general, to identify the best and worst cities for women. These included
each city’s gender pay gap, as well as college attainment, life
expectancy, and insurance rates for women, and the share of 3- and
4-year olds enrolled in Pre-K.

Source: Thinkstock

*5. Idaho Falls, ID*
*> Female earnings as pct. of male:* 52.6%
*> Female bachelor’s degree attainment:* 25.9%
*> Pre-school enrollment:* 28.1%

In addition to being instrumental in childhood development, pre-K
programs give parents — usually the mother — the opportunity to leave
their children somewhere safe during the day so they can hold a job.
Idaho is one of only a handful states that do not offer state-funded
preschool, and partially as a result, only 28.1% of 3 and 4-year-olds in
the state are enrolled in preschool, one of the smallest shares of any
U.S. metro area.

Few parts of the country have as wide a gender pay gap as Idaho Falls
does. Women earn only 53 cents for every dollar men earn across all
occupations. In managerial positions, the pay gap is even wider. Women
earn about a quarter of what men do in managerial positions.






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