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I read the story at the website... Given current erosion of constitutional
rights both from the war and drugs and post 9/11 legal changes, I'm
surprised *Melissa Byrne was not subjected to even worse treatment.*

*Consider this story:*


Innocent Man Rendered to Syria, Held and Tortured for One Year (Blame

Closing (well, except for the well-deserved lawsuits I presume) another
dark chapter in the war on terror, Canadian citizen Maher Arar has been
completely cleared by a Canadian judicial commission. In a 822-page report,
the commission, lead by Justice Dennis O’Connor, ripped the Mounties apart
for giving U.S. authorities erroneous and inflammatory “evidence” against
Arar, which led to his being detained during a stopover in JFK airport,
rendered to Syria, where he was held and tortured for one year.

And let’s be clear what we mean by torture here. This isn’t just sleep
deprivation. This is a Canadian computer consultant returning from a family
vacation who, with no ability to access the “evidence” against him, gets
bundled off to Syria and beaten with electrical cables.


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