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Courtesy of today's (September 1, 2017) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Joann Muneta.


A different approach

In response to many of us who favor building a pedestrian-only bridge instead of a vehicle bridge at Third Street and Paradise Creek, we have been told that a motor bridge has been the plan for a long time. Of course this is not true, since in 2007, the council decided that such a bridge would be dangerous and ill-advised and thus put a pedestrian bridge line item in the budget.

Nevertheless in 2009, it seems the decision was overturned, reversed or ignored, and the motor bridge put back on the table.

In Spokane on Aug. 11, a long planned crossover was scrapped in response to citizens and neighbors. Moscow could follow this excellent example. Let's not be the last community to make a mistake regarding encouraging more cars and trucks to drive through neighborhoods and past schools.

Joann Muneta, Moscow


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

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