[Vision2020] Seven Game Series...Here I COme!

Linda Pall lpall at moscow.com
Tue Oct 31 22:25:04 PDT 2017

This is my only political message on Vision 2020...from me, that is, though I really appreciate the reprints from the Daily News here!

Hooray, Dodgers, for forcing a seventh game!  One of the ideas I have for sports on the Palouse is to get a minor league ball team for the Palouse in Moscow, along the Pullman Road, adjacent to a new facility for the Palouse Ice Rink...maybe at the Mall! What a great idea that could be!!!

We’d have to have a naming contest...though I’ve been walking around for 20 years with this idea and the image of “Palouse Prairie Chickens!”

Okay, stop hooting and yelling that the campaign has just gone on too long and various whistles, accompanying ‘Get the Hook...’  

All the best, Moscow,

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