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Courtesy of the October 18, 2017 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News with BIG thanks to JoAnn Muneta for bringing it to my attention.

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What's wrong with Paradise Creek?
City officials say there's nothing to worry about, discoloration caused by sediment runoff from construction site

Paradise Creek may look cloudy and murky on the east side of Moscow, but city officials say there is nothing to worry about.

Tyler Palmer, Moscow deputy director of operations for public works, said the water discoloration is a result of sediment runoff due to rain from the Harvest Hills Addition construction just east of Mountain View Road near Third Street. The discoloration, he said, is present near Mountain View Road in the Third to Sixth streets areas.

"It's something we pay attention to; it's something we care about, but there's no immediate threat or risk to health or well being," Palmer said.

He said the city's Engineering Department is working with the contractor of the residential development to take steps to stop erosion on the construction site and minimize sediment runoff. Palmer said the city requires developers to stabilize job sites for this reason.

While the city regularly tests areas of Paradise Creek, Palmer said it has not taken any water samples in the murky areas because it is confident of the source of the discoloration.

He said while there are no harmful toxins and the water is not a health hazard, it is something the city Environmental Services group will keep an eye on.

"You don't want erosion, you don't want runoff, and you don't want to have a bunch of sediments flowing from one place to another place," Palmer said.

He said there are two primary storm inlets that stem from the Harvest Hills development.

The contractor has the runoff diverted to a holding pond and the holding pond will generally suspend the water for enough time that sediments will settle out, Palmer said.

But some fine particles found in clay, as in this instance, stay suspended longer, he said. Palmer said there was not enough time for those particles to fall out of suspension before they flowed from the detention pond to the creek.

Palmer said a call or two from residents who noticed the murky water triggered the Environmental Services' initial response to the creek. At that point, Palmer said the Engineering Department had been working with the contractor.

"Our residents really are our eyes and ears out there," Palmer said.

Since Paradise Creek is flowing at a low level, it does not take much to cause discoloration, he said.

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The water in Paradise Creek appears cloudy Tuesday near Joseph Street in Moscow.


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