[Vision2020] Severe Mental Illness and the Death Penalty in Idaho

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Shaakirrah R. Sanders discussed "Severe Mental Illness and the Death Penalty in Idaho" at the League of Women Voters of Moscow (LWV-Moscow) forum in the Great Room of the 1912 Community Center. The event was cosponsored by the Moscow ACLU chapter (ACLU of Idaho).

The presentation explored the history of the issue and presented the legal underpinnings for arguments in favor of a severe mental illness exemption, as well as policy considerations underlying the exception.

Sanders is an associate professor at the University of Idaho College of Law Boise campus. She teaches constitutional law, criminal procedure, and the First Amendment.

Videos and photos of this presentation are accessible at:

“Severe Mental Illness and the Death Penalty in Idaho”

Videos and photos of earlier LWV-Moscow presentations are accessible at:

“League of Women Voters Of Moscow”

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