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Courtesy of today’s (October 16, 2017) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Nils Peterson.

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Linda Pall, climate mayor

An Oct. 3 Daily News story was headlined "Americans want local leaders to fight global warming." The next day at the League of Women Voters candidate forum, mayoral candidates were asked: "Would you join the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement? Why or why not? What concrete actions would you put in place to take Moscow beyond where we are today?"

Mayor Bill Lambert didn't answer the main question, but he has not joined the 1,060 signatories to the agreement. His answer extolled the success to date of the 20 percent by 2020 program initiated by his predecessor.

Linda Pall, however, was clear: Yes, she would join.

Linda went on to outline how she would move beyond Moscow's current 20 percent targets, toward zero, identifying that a key is to eliminate natural gas use, such as in boilers and furnaces in city buildings. This will require long-term planning. Linda also suggested the city explore contracting with Avista Utilities to purchase renewable electricity analogous to its residential program called Buck-a-Block, that I use to buy wind power, avoiding Avista's carbon fuels.

There are other actions the next mayor can take to help Moscow mitigate its impact on climate change. For example, commit a portion of the city budget specifically to activities that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. I spoke to Linda after the forum and learned she's considering ways to help citizens voluntarily reduce their footprint, including car charging stations and enhanced multimodal transit. It's Linda's emphasis on citywide planning and action that make her such an attractive leader for Moscow.

If you are part of the 55 percent of Americans the AP/NORC poll identifies as saying local government should be doing more on climate change, I hope you will join me in supporting Linda Pall for our next mayor.

Nils Peterson, Moscow

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