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In a show of solidarity, 20 cat owners in Central Java will donate the blood of their pets to help save the life of another feline who was the victim of animal abuse that cost her a leg. All of these wonderful people are welcome on Caturday

Courtesy of the Jakarta Post (Surakarta, Central Java) at:


Amputated cat gets fresh blood from fellow feline in Central Java

In a show of solidarity, 20 cat owners in Surakarta, Central Java, will donate the blood of their pets to another feline, Mengil, who is a victim of animal abuse.

Mengil was attacked by a stranger with a machete on Nov. 13. She was later referred to a pet clinic and had to have one of its legs amputated.

“After the surgery, Mengil’s condition was stable. But on Monday, its condition deteriorated and it had to be given intravenous fluids. It suffered from anemia and was in need of a lot of blood,” Dhayu Irawati, who coordinated the blood donation, said on Thursday. 

Dhayu said that the owners of 20 cats agreed to help out after she and Mengil’s owner, Kusuma Nastiti Ardiati, announced on Facebook and Instagram that they were looking for cat owners who were willing to donate their cats’ blood.

“Hopefully 20 cats as blood donors will be enough,” she said.

Veterinarian Yanida Talbot, who treated Mengil, said the cat lost a lot of blood after being amputated. “Even though it only has three legs, Mengil can still walk. Cats can easily adapt to their own condition and environment,” she said.

She said that, based on her examination of Mengil’s wound, she was convinced that Mengil was a victim of abuse and that her injuries were not a result of an accident.

Yanida carried out the surgery and the blood donation campaign pro bono.


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