[Vision2020] Horizon/Alaska Air Mystery?

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I was recently caught up in a bizarre Horizon/Alaska Air Groundhog Day
scenario & I'm wondering if anyone knows what the explanation is?


As some may have noticed, there was some fog in the area Friday evening and
I was trying to get home.  Not just one but two different flights made it to
Pullman but were unable to land due to reduced visibility.  Both times we
were returned to Seattle in spite of great visibility in Lewiston (I don't
know for sure about Spokane but there seemed to be a couple of flights that
left Seattle & didn't return) - we made it back to Seattle the second time
at 2 AM Saturday.  Ugh - I'm too old to be overnighting in airports,
particularly when my day had started at 5 AM Friday.


In the past, rather than returning to Seattle, I've been on flights that
were diverted to Lewiston (more than a few times) and even to Spokane a time
or two in my memory.  And, in the past, I've certainly made more than a few
mad dashes to Lewiston & Spokane when flights weren't able to take off from
Pullman due to weather.  The Alaska Air reps back in Seattle were unable to
explain why we were returned rather than diverted.


Because I wasn't the only person in that situation (the 5:30 PM flight was
full - I never did find out how the Stanford women's volleyball team made it
to Pullman for their game Saturday), my husband chatted with others who
showed up twice at the airport Friday night, and some of the same people
were at the Lewiston airport Saturday.  One gentleman said he'd heard that
Horizon/Alaska Air had run into trouble with the Lewiston airport such that
they wouldn't allow Alaska Air to divert there anymore even though they are
still allowed to have regularly scheduled flights in & out.  Does anyone
know anything about that?  Inquiring minds want to know.


I've been a loyal Moscow-Pullman airport customer since I moved here in
1988, but I may have to rethink that with the Horizon/Alaska Air insanity I
experienced.  I completely understand weather issues; what I'm most unhappy
about is being returned to Seattle - twice - rather than being diverted to
Lewiston or even Spokane.  



Saundra Lund

Moscow, ID


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~ Edmund Burke




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