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Thank you Linda!  I wish you much luck in the election. Yours has always been a voice for reason, livability, and stability for our community.
Roger HayesMoscow

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  1. Re: Candidates for mayor see growth for Moscow (Linda Pall)


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Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2017 10:00:47 -0800
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Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Candidates for mayor see growth for Moscow
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Dear Visionaries,

I think you should see what I wrote to the Daily News and will send this morning to the Spokesman Review this morning!  Read on...

            The Daily News? front page story in the weekend, November 4-5, 2017 edition titled ?Candidates for mayor see growth for Moscow? carried several misstatements in the front page portion of the story concerning election results from 2007 and impressions left with use of quotations from me. I ask that the Daily News correct this as soon as possible so that voters may consider this as they go to the polls Tuesday, November 7.

            FIRST, GMA-backed candidates did not ?oust left leaning Moscow city councilors.? I reject the left-right characterization of municipal politics, particularly where the issues have to do with livability of the community.  If one reviews the record leading up to the 2007 election, numerous citizens felt a Wall-Mart Super Center was not a positive contribution to the City of Moscow and would have left a dark store on the western edge of our business district on the Pullman Road.

            The top vote getter in that election was Tom Lamar (2847 votes, 22.02% of the vote) followed by Wayne Krauss (2768, 21.41%) then further back was Dan Carscallen (2579, 19.95%). Losing were myself (2451 votes, 18.96%) and lastly, Aaron Ament (2285, 17.67%).  In the head to head, 2 year race, Walter Steed was elected (2529 votes) against Evan Holmes (2307 votes).  You might note that my total compared to Walter Steed?s total where all of the voter could mark their ballots, I was only 78 votes behind Steed. ?Swept  away?? It did not seem so then nor does it now. 

            SECOND, Cabeza confused the issue because he did not note the very important difference between the decision to reject a Wall Mart Super Center on the eastern edge of Moscow with all of its attendant problems, and the need to keep the existing Wall Mart in the already developed site on Warbonnet Drive, rather than having a dark store on Moscow?s western entry.

            All of this was open to discussion throughout this election IF IT HAD BEEN SALIENT TO THE VOTERS, rather than re-opening a ten year old decision of a majority of the Council and mayor, with the errors and innuendo contained in this article. Not a single letter to the editor felt this was the major reason for their letter writing in this campaign!

It was not of interest to the voters enough to be one of the serious discussion topics for the ?in depth? article done by Garret earlier in the campaign. Instead, a brief phone call Thursday was all I received, without any background or knowledge of what was intended with this article. The Daily News and NOW the Spokesman Review owe readers more factual coverage and fewer loaded words like ?ousted? and ?left-leaning? and ?swept away.? When you look at the vote totals from 2007, Tom Lamar was certainly an advocate of the planning decisions we took and on social issues, he and I share a view of progressive positions, like support for the gay community and opposition to discrimination against any group in the city as well as being in favor of living wages and a higher minimum wage. Yet, Tom was the highest vote getter in that election and was not ?ousted? by GMA. I did not seek their endorsement then and did not seek it in this election.

Thanks, Visionaries for reading and for putting your open mind to this election decision Tuesday!

All the best,

Linda Pall

From: Moscow Cares 
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2017 8:51 AM
To: Moscow Vision 2020 
Subject: Candidates for mayor see growth for Moscow

Courtesy of today?s (November 5, 2017) Spokesman-Review. 


Candidates for mayor see growth for Moscow

Ten years ago, left-leaning Moscow city councilors perceived as having anti-growth views were swept away by three Greater Moscow Alliance-backed members. Linda Pall was one of the left-leaning incumbent members who was ousted. Now, she is running for mayor against incumbent mayor Bill Lambert, a pro-growth councilor who kept his seat in 2007 and was joined by Walter Steed among others.

Pall said the anti-growth characterization placed on her and other councilors at the time was ?absolutely? unfair.

It is quite reasonable to have development, she says.

?But I don?t want that development to be at the cost of the livability of Moscow,? Pall said.

She said it should be the right size for the city.

Part of the anti-growth perception existed because she and other councilors did not think it would be a great idea to allow Walmart, which she said could be found anywhere else ? including Pullman ? to come to Moscow.

Today she says Walmart is a fine store and a great asset on Warbonnet Drive where even she shops.

She said the perception was also there because she thought development should serve the larger interests of Moscow rather than building anything that takes away from Moscow?s character.

?We want to maintain the uniqueness and the livability of who we are and what we are,? Pall said, while at the same time saying big box stores such as Target would be a great advantage for Moscow.

Lambert said he does not mind big box stores coming to Moscow.

Running off Walmart a decade ago was a bad idea, Lambert said, and when the Pullman Walmart was built, many Idaho license plates could be seen in the parking lot, which meant Moscow lost out on those tax dollars.

He and Moscow City Councilman John Weber were the only two councilors in favor of a Walmart in Moscow at the time, Lambert said.

Pall said the vacant Old Dumas Seed Site on the corner of A and Almon streets would be a great residential spot for people of all ages.

She said it is an opportunity to promote Moscow as a retirement destination.

Lambert said the vacant lot would be a good area for apartments.

Moscow Community Development Director Bill Belknap told the Daily News on Thursday that Noel Blum, founder of Blum Construction LLC, recently purchased the lot and is in the planning stages for development. Belknap said he believes the property will be largely residential with construction to start in the next year or two.

?We are at a cusp here and we could go toward that wonderful future that we would all like to see for downtown Moscow and for development in Moscow, or we could blow it,? Pall said.

Pall said she wants to make sure the livability, joy and great possibilities for Moscow do not disappear.

?If we do not make sure that there is high-quality design in our community, we are going to lose the edge,? Pall said.

She said that not only includes buildings, but parks and other things.

Pall said the UI College of Art and Architecture should be at the center of it.

Pall suggested building a new Palouse Ice Rink near Palouse Mall, where the the rink would help support the businesses there.

She said when parents drop their children off at practice, they could go shopping.

She does not know exactly where the rink could be built.

?I do not have all the answers,? she said. ?I work best in that particular role as spark plug.?

Lambert also said he is in favor of a full-sized ice rink, but said its current location at the Latah County Fairgrounds would still be the best place for it.

Lambert said the ice rink is important because it keeps children busy during winter. Plus, he said a new rink would bring teams and their families from out of town to Moscow, which would help boost Moscow?s economy.

Pall urged development of the areas west of Jackson Street near the entrance to the university, including areas next to Paradise Creek along the Sixth Street entrance to campus.

Pall said a boutique hotel looking toward the university would enhance downtown.

Lambert said development is important to Moscow. He said he is a big fan of the proposed Moscow urban renewal district on the south side of town.

The district would provide a place for such businesses as a small manufacturing plant, he said. The new businesses would create good-paying jobs, which results in an improved economy for other businesses in town, he said.

?We?re looking forward to getting that done,? Lambert said. ?That?s critical for the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years.?

Lambert said moving toward a water supply alternative is significant so development is not restricted due to water shortages.

?As soon as you start restricting growth you kill business,? Lambert said.

He said Moscow needs growth to create more taxpayers, which in turn, helps sustain infrastructure improvements.

Lambert said more mixed-use buildings would be nice to see downtown, such as the soon-to-be Sangria Downtown LLC development on the corner of Sixth and Jackson streets. The building will have the Sangria Grille restaurant on the ground floor and apartments on the second and third floors.

?You?re taking one space and you?re going up with it,? Lambert said of mixed-use buildings. ?That makes total sense.?

Lambert said too much development downtown could damage the character of the downtown core, so finding a development balance is key.

He said he would like to see more availability of condominiums and smaller housing for retirees since he said people are retiring in Moscow.

?We need to grow, we need to build,? Lambert said.



Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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