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The Idaho Town In The Middle Of Nowhere That’s So Worth The Journey

There’s something magical about visiting one of Idaho’s many picturesque small towns. It’s almost like time stands still, and you’re able to step back and breathe easy as you find yourself surrounded by pure Idaho beauty and small town living. Even better is when you stumble upon one of these towns unexpectedly. This little-known town in north central Idaho embodies all of that. Located in seemingly the middle of nowhere, this town has a population of just 91 people. The journey to this charming town may be long, but you’ll probably find that once you get there… you’ll never want to leave.

You may not have heard of White Bird before, but after seeing how incredibly scenic this place is, you might just find yourself planning a trip here. With less than a hundred permanent residents, this town is a hidden treasure and one of Idaho's most gorgeous towns.


If you're looking to get away from the busy atmosphere of city life, then this is the location for you. Nestled beneath the beautiful White Bird Hill (which has a summit of 2,700 feet), this place encompasses everything about small town living.


White Bird is also an incredibly historic town. It was the site of the 1877 Battle of White Bird Canyon which was the first battle in the Nez Perce War and marked a significant loss for the U.S. Army.

White Bird is a perfect destination for your next family vacation. Outdoor recreational activities are abundant here. The breathtaking scenery makes for the ideal camping, hiking, fishing, or hunting spot.


A popular attraction in the area is the Historical Kirkwood Ranch which is a beautiful cabin in a lush, idyllic setting. This used to be the home of Grace Jordan and gives visitors a feel for what life was like living in the canyon in the 1930's.


One of the most incredible features of the town is the "floating bridge" on Highway 95 which connects north and south Idaho. The building of the bridge is an important part of White Bird's local history and is an iconic part of the town to this day.


White Bird is located in very close proximity to both the Salmon River and the Snake River, making it an ideal spot for river adventures including white water rafting!


Not to mention the dramatic landscape of the nearby Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, which is definitely worthy of being explored.

The town is completely surrounded by Idaho's natural beauty, which means plenty of opportunities to see wildlife in their habitats. Owls, deer, elk, mountain lions, coyotes, and even bears are commonly seen just outside of town.


The town itself is just as quaint as you would imagine. The population may be small, but the sense of community here is strong. There are a plethora of community events held in town all year long.


Visitors of the town can expect to receive some of Idaho's best classic Western hospitality.


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