[Vision2020] Inauguration "Protest" Album: "Meditations on Freedom" by Noah Preminger

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I thought this music album might be of some special interest given the
explicit political themes,

But all great music is political, insofar as beauty, love, passion,
compassion, empathy, the striving to express the complexities of the human
soul, which music embodies perhaps more powerfully and directly than any
art form, beyond the abilities of  strictly verbal language, inspires
aspirations for a more utopian political economic social order.

There is so much incredible new music continually being created, who can
possibly keep up with it all?

The following relatively new music album is an example.

Please don't steal music!  Support musicians, composers, recording
engineers... Spend the $15 dollars to buy the album, at the website below:
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

>From the May 2017 issue of Stereophile magazine:

Noah Preminger, tenor saxophone; Jason Palmer, trumpet; Kim Cass, Bass; Ian
Froman, drums.  Dry Bridge 005 (CD) 2016 Noah Preminger, prod; Jimmy Katz,
prod., eng. DDD.  TT: 49:54

Performance: 4 stars (out of 5).
Sonics: 4.5

Noah Preminger has recently separated himself from the tenor-saxophone
multitudes.  He is an immersive improviser.  Ideas flow from him in rivers,
in continuous adventures of discovery.  And his albums are whole
statements.  Two of his most recent albums, *Pivot: Live at the 55 Bar
*and *Dark
Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground*, were post-modern engagements with
Delta blues songs.  *Meditations on Freedom* is a protest record released
January 20, 2017: Inauguration Day.  All three were recorded by Jimmy Katz,
the renowned photographer who has become one of the important engineers now
working in jazz.  They are objectively truthful, sensuous,
reference-quality recordings of a small jazz band.

This protest music sounds reflective and passionate but rarely angry.  Of
the Preminger originals, "Women's March" is a headlong outpouring , a
celebration of collective force and commitment.  "Broken Treaties" is not a
depiction of our current disorder, but a personal emotional response to
it.  "Mother Earth" is a lament for our planet.  Songs by Sam Cooke and
George Harrison are existential testaments of hope.  In "A Change is Gonna
Come," Preminger first picks his way carefully, like a man through a
mine-field, then breaks loose.  In "Give Me Love," Preminger and trumpeter
Jason Palmer bare their souls.  This quartet, together for Preminger's last
three albums, has become one of the most simulating small ensembles in
jazz.  Palmer is a brilliant .daring front line partner. Bassist Kim Cass
and drummer Ian Froman are fully invested. The former weaves texture; the
later spits fire.

Thomas Conrad
>From Noah Preminger's website:

Noah Preminger: Mediations On Freedom CD

At this time of disruptive and divisive change in our nation, I felt
compelled to create these jazz meditations. Working in the tradition of
protest compositions by some of our best song writers, I went on to compose
my own. We hope this work generates reflection on the fragile and precious
freedoms we must fight to preserve and extend to everyone who lives in this

*MUSICIANS:* Noah Preminger* (**Saxophone*), Jason Palmer* (**Trumpet*),
Kim Cass (*Bass*) and Ian Froman *(**Drums)*

*01. *Only a Pawn in their Game *02.* Just The Way It Is *03.* A Change Is
Gonna Come *04. *We have a Dream *05.* Mother Earth *06.* Women's March
*07.* The 99 Percent *08.* Give Me Love *09.* Broken Treaties
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