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Fri May 5 13:10:27 PDT 2017

 Of course Idaho's congressmen voted for the steaming pile of GOP offal the American Health Care Act is. Below is a Simpson quote, echoed by Labrador and published in the Idaho Press-Tribune.
"Idaho Republican House Representatives Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson voted in support of the American Health Care Act Thursday, which is described as repealing “Obamacare.”In his release, Simpson stated that the new legislation would lower premiums and provide more choices for health coverage, and eliminates tax increases.“The Affordable Care Act is unsustainable given its current trajectory,” Simpson stated in the release. “The question today was to stick with Obamacare or to start the process of fixing our broken health care system. The American Health Care Act is the only opportunity we have to start that replacement process."
They both go on to state that preexisting conditions will be covered. However, given that states can "opt out" of participating in that, what are the chances that our Idaho government will not opt out? None! 
I find this sort of lying, particularly when this bill was not vetted, is full of misrepresentation and unknown costs, and was done to simply prove that the GOP is in charge, nothing short of criminal. Dear representatives Simpson and Labrador I ask you who will benefit most from this legislation? The millionaire/billionaire class! How many of these folks are your constituents? 
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