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As a child growing up in Nebraska I often heard about the Platte River.  It
was a mile wide, an inch deep, and treacherous to those wading in it because
of the “quick sand” it flowed over.   We have the human version of the
Platte River right here in Moscow, Idaho.

All the hoo-haw about being a good neighbor is baloney.  From ignoring city
requirements for boarding houses to mocking public education (which, by the
way is what Doug received) the “real” Doug Wilson is just not all that and a
bag of chips.  The Art of War inspired the Wilsons’ (both father Jim and son
Doug) plan to “take” Moscow – not really for Christ – but certainly for
themselves.  I’ve never run across a  self-proclaimed Christian who relied
on Sun Tzu <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Tzu>  to inspire his
proselytizing.  Don’t be mislead by the poseur façade of an “ah shucks I’m
just a humble servant of the Lord” when underneath there lurks a  scheming

The text quotes below were sent to me by a friend, Carl Westburg.  Thank
you, Carl.  

Rose Huskey


“Decisive Point: Moscow, Idaho

In the 60s, my father wrote a small but enormously influential book called
The Principles of War. In it, he applied the principles of physical warfare
to what he called strategic evangelism. This idea of warfare is necessary in
order to understand a central part of what is happening here, and by this I
mean the concept of the decisive point. A decisive point is one which is
simultaneously strategic and feasible. Strategic means that it would be a
significant loss to the enemy if taken. Feasible means that it is possible
to take. New York City is strategic but not feasible. Bovill is feasible but
not strategic. But small towns with major universities (Moscow and Pullman,
say) are both. Douglas Wilson


“To prevail in conflict is not possible without deception. Where you are
weak, he should think you are strong. Where you are strong, he should
believe you are weak.


Where you are present, he should believe you to be absent. Where you are
absent, he should believe you to be present. When you are distant, he should
believe you to be near. When you are near, he should believe you are
distant. When you have no plan, he should believe you do. When you are
executing a plan, he should believe you are doing nothing. Your strength is
not measured by how strong you are. Your strength is measured by how strong
your adversary believes you are. Weapons are no substitute for a strategy.
Superior weapons do not make up for an inferior strategy. Superior weapons
do not make up for inferior men. The phrase “culture wars” should not be
applied to mere policy differences. If one party wants to go left and the
other wants to go right, there should be no culture war. If one faction
wants to hollow the nation out from within, then we engage.”





7. Provide your children with the best Christian education you can find.
There is no excuse for Christians giving their children over to the enemy
for their education. There is no sense in giving them over for education in
“the neutral parts,” for there are no neutral parts. Christian children must
have a Christian education.


9. Do not assume that government regulators have the authority to tell you
what the true meaning of Romans 13 is. We are to submit to the governing
authorities, but not in everything, and not in the ways stipulated by them.
Understand the important role of civil disobedience, and realize that it can
occur in areas other than worship or gospel preaching. Gideon was threshing
in the wine vat because he was hiding from the tax man. The apostle Paul ran
a road block at Damascus. David spent a good deal of time in the wilderness
evading a man whom he acknowledged to be the Lord’s anointed.




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