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*9. Washington *
*> Female earnings as pct. of male:* 79.0% (24th highest)
*> Pct. mgmt. jobs held by women:* 40.9% (15th highest)
*> Pct. 3-4 yr. olds enrolled in state pre-K:* 5.6% (19th lowest)
*> Pct. legislative seats held by women:* 33.3% (4th highest)

Female representation in positions of political power can be instrumental
in creating policy favorable to gender equality. In Washington, 41.7% of
the state’s congressional delegation is female. While that seems low, it is
actually the fourth highest percentage among states. Less than 20% of
Congress is female.

The state is also one of just seven to have had more than one female
governor in its history.

*48. Idaho *
*> Female earnings as pct. of male:* 73.5% (8th lowest)
*> Pct. of mgmt. jobs held by women:* 38.8% (19th lowest)
*> Pct. of children enrolled in state pre-K:* 0% (the lowest)
*> Pct. legislative seats held by women:* 27.6% (17th highest)

The earnings gap between men and women in Idaho is one of the worst in the
country. The typical male in the state working full time earns $43,264,
while the typical working female earns only $31,808, the lowest median
salary of any state except Mississippi.

In addition to earning less, women are underrepresented in public office.
All four of the state’s congressional delegates are men and a woman has
never been elected governor of Idaho.
Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA
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