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Indjánafjöður from Reykjavik rescued by Þorvarðardóttir, just in time for Kötturdag.

Courtesy of the Iceland Monitor (Reykjavik, Iceland) at:


Cats get trapped in Reykjavik snow
The big amount of snow that has been both annoying and delighting the people of Reykjavik lately is not only affecting humans. Cats are a popular pet in the city and they are not all fond of the snow.

Several accounts of cats getting trapped. One of them is the cat Indjánafjöður, who was trapped under a porch for three days.

Her owner, María Þorvarðardóttir was getting worried about her and finally it was her other cat, Indjánafjöður’s sister who lead the way. She was running back and forth around the porch, which lead Þorvarðardóttir to search there.

The amount of snow that came down on Saturday and Sunday had trapped Indjánafjöður under the porch. When some of the snow was removed Indíánafjöður crawled out on her own, a little shaken after the ordeal.


Cats are a popular pet in Reykjavik.

Cats are not altogether fond of the snow.

Many cats have been forced to stay indoors over the last few days.


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