[Vision2020] Hilarious, but apparently a real proposal, not a satire... "Epic Limey-ness"

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 17:56:33 PDT 2017

*Epic Limey-ness*

Dear FFN,

Wow! Did Limey-ness reach epic proportions in last year’s Lime-

Green Friday parade or what? I couldn’t see the beginning or end of

the string of brilliantly clad Limeys (and wowza, were you creative!) at

any point in the parade so that goes to show you that Lime-Green Friday

is still growing bigger and better every year.

I want to both apologize and praise you Limers for your tenacity

for sticking with us during the confusion as to where the parade

began. We weren’t in the loop when the parade was relocated and you

were champs as we roamed around the Fair, a movement without a

parade. But all ended well and it was truly amazing to see the seemingly

never-ending flow of that beautiful lime-greeness.

So what about this year? Wear lots of lime of any form, Friday, July 7, no

matter who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. The Limeys

will be up to our usual — Meet And Greet at the Dragon admissions

up until 11 am, then head to the Xavanadu Moon Path entrance (back

of Circus camp) for the opening parade, 11:11ish (stick around after

the parade for a Lime Group Photoop on Rebo Gazebo). We will meet

up with Peachi for special Lime- Green runs (check with the Dragon

Handlers for times), as well as just strutting our stuff around the Fair.

Lime Camp will have plenty of Lime-Green loaners to help you

lime up. We will set up Thursday afternoon on the Miss Piggy’s side of

Reefer Pass, just look for the Lime- Green glow! Lime on you Limeys!


*Dana Merryday DeConstruction (Decon)*
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