[Vision2020] Horrible role model

rhayes at frontier.com rhayes at frontier.com
Thu Jul 27 13:18:11 PDT 2017

As a former scout and an eagle scout, I am appalled at the example Trump set for the boys attending the National Jamboree. I owe scouting, and in particular my scout master, greatly for setting examples of good conduct, ethics, and respect for our nation's institutions and traditions. I do fault scouting's administration for inviting Trump to the Jamboree. What did they expect from this bombastic, narcissist; an uplifting speech about living a good, ethical life, an example of a president who would present inspiration for the boys to envision a better nation?Most of the boys will remember this experience, and I hope that maturity and hindsight will inform them to reject this sort of behavior from the national embarrassment occupying our highest office.Roger Hayes
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