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Courtesy of the July 14, 2017 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to former-MOM (Moscow's Own Mayor) Nancy Chaney.


Her View: Job openings: Qualified individuals please apply

By Nancy Chaney


Citizens of Moscow seek a few open-minded, hard-working individuals to put the public back in public service. Several openings available, including three four-year terms and one two-year term on the City Council, and one four-year term for mayor. Are you up to the challenge?

Job description: Serve whole community with vigor. Reply to emails, answer phone calls, speak intelligently, courteously with members of public. Attend City Council meetings on first and third Mondays each month. Council members attend committee meetings on second and fourth Mondays, and participate as liaisons to two to three citizen commissions, composed of some of the most inspiring, hard-working volunteers one will ever encounter. Function ethically and thoughtfully in legislative and quasi-judicial roles. Occasional travel for meetings with peers from other communities, to avoid parochialism and stagnation, and to facilitate local action when state and federal governments are not acting in our best collective interest. Mayoral position requires representing the city at numerous local, state, and national events, and functioning as a strong, articulate, credible CEO for the city.

Requirements: Must be age 18 or older, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of Moscow for at least 30 days. Honesty, critical thinking skills and solid work ethic essential. Eligibility not dependent on party affiliation, academic credentials, gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion (or lack thereof), disability, socio-economic status, or coffee klatch connections. Commitment to fair and open public process paramount. Devotion to community vital. Must have world-view broader than the distance between one's ears, and longer than the duration of one's term in office.

Ideal candidate shall demonstrate: Attentive and respectful listening. Creativity to stretch others' hard-earned dollars as far as possible. Sufficient stamina to run effective door-to-door campaign within Moscow city limits. Ongoing diligence to lots of homework. Ability to work in bright sunlight and maintain cordiality under conditions that are sometimes heated. A sturdy backbone for occasional heavy lifting. Physically available and intellectually present more than just a few hours per week. Bravery a plus. Diplomacy desired. Extra points for adhering to elements of Comprehensive Plan, including support for the arts, education, walkability, bikability, livability, diversity and inclusivity, environmental sustainability, historic preservation, trees and long-range planning.

Delegation of duties should be the exception, and taking the easy way out (like canceling meetings, curtailing citizen input, voting with the pack to avoid the discomfort of debate or of being an outlier, or burying important issues in the consent agenda) is strongly discouraged.

Timeline: Preparatory work starts immediately. Filing period for candidacy is Aug. 28-Sept. 8. Applications must be accompanied by a $40 filing fee or a petition bearing the signatures of five qualified electors. You'll need to name a campaign treasurer. The election will be held Nov. 7 and successful hires will assume office in January. Requisite forms and other details may be found at www.ci.moscow.id.us/Pages/Elections.aspx.

Compensation: City Council part time salary with benefits (not including travel expenses) is $9,732. Mayoral salary with benefits (not including travel expenses) is $27,995. See http://tinyurl.com/councilpay, pages 12 and 16, to learn more. Jobs pay dividends in personal satisfaction, mental stimulation, and the knowledge that you can make a real and lasting difference.

Conflicts of interest: If such conflicts are unavoidable, prospective candidates are advised not to apply, but to instead join other eligible voters in doing their bit for democracy by registering, being factually informed and going to the polls. The future and spirit of our community depend on it.


Seeya at the polls, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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