[Vision2020] USA Today Newspaper 1-26-17 "...the United States wound..."

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 19:42:29 PST 2017

I was just reading the front page headline article from the 1-26-17 edition
of USA Today newspaper, *"Trump Clamps Down on Immigration"* and was
surprised by the following error in this sentence:

"In an interview with ABC News, Trump said that construction of the wall
would begin "in months" and that the United States *wound *soon begin talks
with Mexico over his demand that it pay for the structure-- a demand the
Mexican government has consistently rejected."

So I suppose we are to assume this is merely a typo?  On the front page of
major US newspaper?  A typo that a ten year old could catch with minimal
proofreading?  USA Today's style is to use big type and easy to comprehend
language for the hoi polloi, so errors like this are rather glaring.

Or was this "error" deliberately left in print to imply that indeed Trump's
policy in this regard is a "United States wound?"

The paper could of course deny this was intentional.
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