[Vision2020] Regrettable remarks, recursive restrictions, recursable results

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Sun Jan 22 10:30:25 PST 2017

     Of the many disadvantages Trump has in his current predicament, the 
one under consideration at the moment is lack of political memory and 
historical perspective.

     Specifically, not remembering, or perhaps not ever knowing, about 
the George McGovern's remark that he was 1,000 percent behind his 
vice-presidential running-mate Tom Eagleton eighteen days before 
removing him from the 1972 national Democratic party ticket, allowed 
Trump to make the comment to CIA employees that he is behind them 1,000 
percent.  Who may reduce whom from full operational status at some time 
after Trump's remark remains to be seen.  However, making such a remark 
before a group of people with a collective personality as opposite as 
Trump's as is possible, and with a history of operational methods and 
accomplishments of discussable propriety, may trigger memories within 
the Agency that will result in adjustment of its service priorities and 

     The latest Democratic candidate restricted someone's access to the 
national ticket, and then lost the election, too.  The president that 
resulted may be as memorable as the victor 44 years ago, unfortunately.


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