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Rose Huskey rosejhuskey at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 23:08:17 PST 2017

This evening The Washington Post published a thoughtful  George Will column
critiquing Mr. Trump's inaugural speech.   Mr. Trump's repeated use of the
phrase "America First"  is repugnant to those of us who are aware that when
employed in his blindly hyper-nationalistic manner it smacks of the America
First movement prior to World War II begun by our own homegrown anti-Semites
and fascists.


The comment below follows Will's editorial. It offers a valid and
frightening argument.



9:57 PM PST

I don't think I tend to demonize without cause. None of Trumps actions
heretofore have indicated in any way that he wishes to do anything but milk
the polarization that already exists in this country to his own benefit. I
thought his speech antagonistic in its delivery. The question of whether
people voted for him or for change in general is a debatable one, but I do
tend to think that much of the core of his numbers was a middle finger to
what they saw as establishment Washington. I don't believe they are going to
get what they bargained for with this support, as the problems that exist
are not ones he can rectify even if he does have the best of intentions.
Joblessness and the floundering of the working class are not due to some
plot by educated elitists, but by automatization. And yes, part of the
actual fear generated in me by that speech was because of the nasty
behaviour, the racism, the lashing out of the populists and what they often
tend to represent. He did not win anyone over with that rhetoric. All I
could think of was the "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" scene in Cabaret. "  


In case the song has slipped your mind I offer this link to the song in
Caberet <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Mg6Gfh9Co> .


What a sad day for America.


Rose Huskey  


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