[Vision2020] Trumpigula the Story, by Garrett Clevenger

Garrett Clevenger garrettmc at frontier.com
Thu Jan 12 12:49:19 PST 2017

Moscow, Idaho resident Garrett Clevenger, known for challenging the greater political establishment since the 1990's, has written a story intended for movie production titled Trumpigula. The story is based on the Donald Trump phenomena. 

"I remember seeing headlines about Trump when I was a young adult and thinking what a schmuck this super rich guy was. Watching him campaign for president made me think how much like Caligula he would be if he were actually elected," Clevenger says. “Trumpigula came to me in a dream and asked me to write his story.”

Caligula was the notoriously violent and perverted emperor of Rome during the 1st Century A.D., who was adored by the greater public, but reviled by the political elites of the time. He was grandiose, pompous, and eventually demanded to be called a god. He bankrupted Rome as he systematically humiliated and executed his rivals. He was eventually assassinated by the Roman Senators of the time.

Clevenger, who mostly writes songs, has also written several short stories, with titles like Shark Snatchers in the 23rd Century, Bubbles Smiths Elected President, and Love Your Heart Break Your Fear.

"Most of my writings don't have a life beyond my website GarrettClevenger.com, but I am pushing Trumpigula out into the mainstream, with his very own website. Trumpigula is an adult-rated, comical, sci-fi, musical, political parody. I want it to be funny, but also heart-warming. My biggest intent is to make people laugh and remember the United part of America," Clevenger emphasizes. 

When asked how he sees the actual Trump performing as President compared to his alter-ego Trumpigula, Clevenger says he thinks eventually the Republicans will decide to impeach Trump since they don't have much of an allegiance to him. He says Trump's biggest hope is Democrats gaining control of Congress in 2018, as they probably would rather face him in 2020 rather than Mike Pence, Trump's Vice-President.

"The one true thing Trump’s said is that the political system’s rigged," Clevenger says. "We have a two-party system that consistently gives us candidates who aren't very good. Then we have too much money corrupting the system and an antiquated Electoral College. The President should represent the citizens of the country, not the states. I think America should adopt a parliamentary system of government and get Big Money out of politics."

Clevenger is currently raising money on kickstarter.com to fund an animated movie trailer to create excitement in having a feature length movie about Trumpigula. Even he relies on the big bucks, ironically.

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