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I wonder how he would respond if asked what charges should be levied against
parents who allow their children to die rather than seek medical care for
Rose Huskey  

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     Our great local senator:  "The 63-year-old retired Air Force officer
and retired Moscow police officer" and current triple dipping legislator
quoted as saying he wants to kill women who choose to have an
abortion:  "It would be groundbreaking," he said. "I believe my position is
supported by the Idaho Constitution and U.S. Constitution. In fact, I
believe it's mandated. Roe v Wade was wrong."  First Degree murder includes
the death penalty if the prosecutor so chooses.  Jesus, he wasn't good
enough to be our sheriff but good enough to send to Boise? 
Is it just me or am I just starting to loose my marbles?  Chuck Kovis

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