[Vision2020] 2017 Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Fri Jan 6 20:12:06 PST 2017

On 1/6/2017 9:26 AM, Moscow Cares wrote:
> I just placed my order.
> How about you?
> https://popcoolstore.com/collections/funny-stuff/products/donald-trump-toilet-paper-free-shipping

No.  Just no.

Can you imagine that stuff waiting for you in your privy?  The thought 
is constipation-inducing.

In days of yore toilet paper was referred to as a hygienic product. With 
that extra stuff sprayed on it, does it remain so?

One of the many environmental problems in this country is the large 
backlog of untested and inadequately researched chemicals in various 
commercial uses.  No one knows the characteristics, properties, and side 
effects of various levels of usage of most of these substances.  And you 
are suggesting to put it where?  No, thank you very much.

Another objection to the product is its fundamental Trumpish nature.  It 
is a common product branded with a unique identifier and sold at an 
outrageously higher price than its ordinary counterpart. It is an 
example of conspicuous consumption that, while satisfying for a few 
people, is essentially a waste of resources to produce and to use.

Having said all this, please don't misunderstand me.  I am not against 
having some fun, a few laughs at the expense of a pompous boor living a 
life of Riley.  Unfortunately, those laughs don't get one very far, 
especially while that life continues to be unexamined, Socratically or 

Questions such as just who is paying for his lifestyle are somewhere 
near the top of the examination list.  If the answer were just his 
parents, Fred and Mary Trump, one might moderate one's response. But 
considering other information to the effect that unpaid workers, unpaid 
contractors, unrepaid debtors, buyers of securitized, Trump-denominated, 
debt, and, more recently, American tax-payers, are increasingly the 
sources, and the victims, of various Trumpian financing schemes, one 
must seriously reconsider at least the ethics, and the legality, of his 
lifestyle and its ramifications.

More people are becoming increasingly concerned about, and fewer people 
are willing to accept the results of, Fred and Mary Trump's effective 
declaration of parental failure when they shipped their adolescent 
Donald John away to the New York Military Academy for better control of 
his physiology, psychology, and personality. Unfortunately, subsequent 
events have transpired to place responsibility for his actions among all 
of us, and, collectively, we must face up to our responsibilities for 


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