[Vision2020] Eric Fejeran and Keyla Palominos address the Pullman City Council - January 31, 2017

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Mayor Johnson introduced Eric Fejeran, Chairman of the Whitman County Democrats. Fejeran requested City Council not to act upon, or use any City resources for, the enforcement of any presidential executive order, until such time as the order has been vetted thoroughly by constitutional specialists and found to be sound. He requested the City commit to promote diversity, address issues of equality and diversity, become a sanctuary City, and publicize a statement welcoming all from around the world to come to live in our beautiful, welcoming City. Mayor Johnson introduced Keyla Palominos, an undocumented student and DACA recipient. Palominos requested the City to protect its non-citizen community members by ensuring local law enforcement does not cooperate with Federal Immigration Services, refrain from asking for immigration status or place of birth in their everyday dealings, refrain from cooperating with unconstitutional efforts to create a Muslim registry or any other type of registry based on religious affiliation.

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