[Vision2020] A heartwarming video from Clarkston High School is making national headlines

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A heartwarming video from Clarkston High School is making national headlines

CLARKSTON, WA — One by one……..

"You light me up, you're one of the kids that does that for me. And I want you to know how much I appreciate you."

Teachers brought students in.

"I chose you, because you inspire me to do a better job each and every day and I appreciate how hard you work."

And showed them... how big of an impact they make.

"Who inspire us and make us want to work every day and you're one of those people. You inspire me like that."

This was all the idea of Clarkston High School Principal Carlos Gonzales.

"It was a great idea I thought to put them on camera to evoke that emotion, and get the reaction of you inspire me, and you give me purpose, you give me passion for the work that we do, and just, how we make them feel because that's how they make us feel…. It's priceless,” said Principal Gonzales.

Students had no idea it was going to happen.

"This experience for the students, they had no idea what they were walking into,” said Principal Gonzales.

"Yeah no one knew what was happening."

"Two students had already gone into the room and they had a surprised look on their face, so I really didn't know what to expect."

"And then the teacher gives this heart felt message to them of, you inspire me,” said Gonzales.

"So thank you for being you."

"It's kind of weird to think that we have an impact on the teachers. cause we think personally the impact they have on us. And we don't realize that we have an impact on them."

"Why we come to work every day."

"Just when he said that I'm one of the reasons he likes to come to work, every day. that really resonated with me. It's not every day that a teacher gets to tell a student something that powerful, that impactful."

As much of an impact that students’ make, this project made its own.

"You know, any opportunity that we get to celebrate these students... we should take."

"You're always up beat, you work hard, you're great to have in class."

Principal Gonzales says the idea behind the video was to prove to students, that the impact they make is a lasting one.

"Every school should be doing this but not because we did it,” said Principal Gonzales. “It should come down to demonstrating a value and appreciation for our kids and letting them know that this isn't just a job for us it's a lifestyle and you, you make us coming to work so much more enjoyable, and you inspire us. And we love our kids, and why wouldn't you tell that in the first place."

The video has close to 80,000 views and has been shared over a thousand times. Principal Gonzales says he never expected this type of response.





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