[Vision2020] NSA's plan for expansion reminds us of a battle plan

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Courtesy of today's (April 28, 2017) Moscow-Pullman Daily News.


Our View: NSA's plan for expansion reminds us of a battle plan

By Lee Rozen, for the editorial board

New Saint Andrews College, the tiny institution of classical education closely tied to Doug Wilson's Christ Church, is about to expand from Fourth and Main streets downtown to the former Cadillac Jack's building about five blocks north.

CJ's will come off the tax rolls in the process. That's the bad news. The good news is it will not sit vacant. Instead, it will get a big facelift.

It will be filled with music students, as many as 300 of them and as many as 47 teachers. For a college that has a mere 165 students at its Fourth and Main campus, that would be incredible growth. NSA doesn't expect it will happen overnight.

While the jazz-centric University of Idaho music school is teaching the Great American Songbook, NSA will no doubt focus on the Great American Hymnal and classic works of sacred music.

If the new school draws the same sort of students as NSA now does, they will be distinctively polite and conservatively dressed. They'll shop and eat downtown during the day and live in the neighborhoods at night, often staying in homes of Christ Church members.

The move is the source of considerable alarm to some who detest Wilson's theology and fear they are seeing another step in his one-time claim that Moscow was just the right size city for a decades-long takeover campaign - being neither too small to matter nor too big to be practical.

While Pastor Wilson seems proud of his anti-gay, pro-slavery, patriarchal provocateur status, his individual parishioners go out of their way to politely fly below the radar.

Meanwhile, Christ Church, Trinity Reformed Church, Logos School, New Saint Andrews College, Canon Press and a few other members of that ecclesiastical family continue to thrive. In addition, there are several businesses owned or managed by church members sprinkled about downtown, most notably, perhaps, from an employment standpoint, EMSI on Jackson Street.

No doubt you could say the same about businesses owned or managed by members of any other church - or no church at all. None of them, however, have leaders who have proclaimed any intent to take over Moscow at some point.

Whether braggadocio or not, the specter of theocracy on the Palouse bears resistance.


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