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Thanks, Rose, for doing this important work.


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> Once again the New Saint Andrews scheme machine is churning out the same
> tired old ideas to recreate Oxford on the cheap (minus the authenticity and
> breadth of knowledge in the celebrated British original) on Main St. in
> Moscow.  I sent the following note to the BOA – which I would like to share
> with V2020.  If you are planning to attend the hearing go early as you can
> bet the entire student body of NSA will be there (probably not wearing the
> silly Harry Potter gowns however.)  For those not able to join in the
> packed room fun apparently the hearing is being streamed at:
> https://www.ci.moscow.id.us/Pages/tvchannel.aspx
> *Integrity Matters*
> The commercial business district was never intended to be a venue for a
> privately owned religious school to enjoy a seven hundred seat auditorium,
> school offices, music practice rooms and a racket ball cum exercise area.
> Past behavior is often predictive of future actions. The NSA conditional
> use permit expansion request comes with a history that should be considered
> when assessing how New Saint Andrews administrators, leadership, and
> members of the affiliated church have responded to previous Conditional Use
> Permit requirements.
> The New Saint Andrews Admissions web page, under the subheading “Housing”
> http://www.nsa.edu/admissions/housing/  includes, in part, the following
> statement:  “Most students’ board with Christian families…”  Average costs
> for boarding are described as at least $400.00 a month, which are presented
> as less expensive than apartment living.  Twelve years ago eighty plus
> students boarded with Christ Church families.  I have attached that 2005
> list with addresses of boarding houses at that time.  Because the school
> has grown and continues to encourage boarding as a first choice for
> students, I am confident that that number has increased.
> The city of Moscow requires all boarding houses in Moscow to apply for
> Conditional Use Permits.  Ten years ago the city addressed complaints
> related to New Saint Andrews boarding houses.  The issue received a great
> deal of publicity.  It is unlikely that any home owners who are allied with
> New Saint Andrews are ignorant of the city requirement for boarding house
> operators to obtain a conditional use permit.  In anticipation of tonight’s
> hearing I stopped by the Mann Building a few weeks ago to ask how many
> boarding house CUPs and been granted in the last ten years.  The answer was
> one – and it was unrelated to New Saint Andrews.
> Integrity matters, particularly when one applies to the city and by
> extension the community for the special privilege of a conditional use
> permit.  Why should the Board of Adjustment, or, for that matter the
> community give any consideration to this current request when it has been
> abundantly clear for over ten years  that the very group asking for this
> conditional use permit is knowingly and willfully in clear violation of
> other conditional use permit requirements.
> Given the history of violations of the requirement for boarding house
> conditional use permits there is little doubt that these violations will
> increase if NSA is permitted to more than double their enrollment.  It is
> my hope that members of the Board of Adjustment are mindful of this history
> as they consider the matter before them this evening.
> Fortunately, the recent purchase of a land in north-eastern Moscow offers
> NSA a rare opportunity to visually reproduce their curriculum efforts to
> recreate a medieval scholastic tradition.  Logos School has received a
> conditional use permit for the site.  In addition to their plans for a K –
> 12 school, *after* securing the appropriate permission from the city
>  they could also invite New Saint Andrews to join them. Perhaps they might
> consider including student dormitories which would also mitigate their
> tradition of non-compliant boarding houses.  New Saint Andrews now has a
> golden opportunity to construct their very own version of a cathedral close
> right here in Moscow thus finally putting to rest all their ambitious out-
> of-compliance property notions in an appropriate, arguably, charming way.”
> Rose Huskey
> >>>>>>>>>>
> In the note to the BOA I included a list of boarding houses from 2005
> Christ Church directory.  I will not attach that here because if some home
> owners have moved from the homes listed in the church directory I would not
> want some innocent family tarred by the previous owners brush.
> It is also necessary to point out that since I sent the original list to
> the city Christ Church  in 2005 Christ Church has stopped listing addresses
> for NSA students – or conceals them on-line for members access only.  This
> is strictly an undercover operation.  Do you suppose the revenue is
> accurately reported to the state and federal revenue services? For example,
> based on Doug Wilson’s own blog site he has four borders (which he
> typically has had for many years and at minimally $4,000 a head he’s
> bringing in 16 K a year. Multiply that  by church wide boarders and the
> annual take is several hundred thousand dollars.
> *“Sabbath Dinner*One of the things that makes this all go is the fact
> that Nancy is amazing. Every week we launch the Lord’s Day at 6 pm Saturday
> night. We have the two of us, three kids, their spouses, and seventeen
> grandkids. We bring my dad over for sabbath, which makes us a cool 26. *In
> the school year we have four boarders who usually join us*, which brings
> us to 30.” from Doug Wilson’s blog: https://dougwils.com/personal/
> dont-get-everything-done.html  [July 13, 2016]
> “The College is a non-residential campus, meaning we provide no on-campus
> housing.  *Most students board with local Christian families* or share
> apartments with other NSA students. . . Costs for boarding with local
> Christian families vary considerably, depending on the living and meal
> arrangements. Two bedroom apartments typically rent in the $500-$600 per
> month range, and duplexes and houses go for between $800 per month to
> $1,200 per month. On average, full-time students should expect to pay about
> $4,000 for room and board per academic year.”
> http://www.nsa.edu/admissions/housing
> “Passed new zoning rules for “boarding houses” that do nothing to stop
> party houses, but *removes the freedom of owner-occupied family homes
> from showing hospitality to students—especially NSA students*—or
> missionaries—especially Mormons, others.” https://dougwils.com/s7-
> engaging-the-culture/no-incumbents.html [10-27/07]
> These holy go pious jackasses really know how to represent Christianity in
> a powerfully good way, don’t they?
> Rosemary Huskey
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