[Vision2020] Defending support for the arts

Debi Smith Debismith at moscow.com
Sun Apr 23 18:23:50 PDT 2017

Of course. His idea of "Art" is his portrait and the gaudy excess of his 
resorts. Everything else doesn't pertain to him or his lack of 
taste.....So those right wing whackos who think anything portraying a 
body, or isn't flowers and bowers, can dumb down artistic expression the 
way they plan to dumb down education. Just de-fund anything and 
everything that refutes your world view.

Debi R-S

On 4/23/2017 7:20 AM, Moscow Cares wrote:
> President Trump has stated that he will defund the National Endowment 
> for the Arts.
> Courtesy of /CBS Sunday Morning/ . . .
> Defending support for the arts
> https://youtu.be/gqsq04jHRUg
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