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Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu Apr 13 17:49:55 PDT 2017

On 4/13/2017 3:11 PM, Moscow Cares wrote:
> Who dat?
> Last week, as I was browsing a source for old photos of Moscow (the 
> one in Idaho), I came across a press photo .
> Apparently, this photo accompanied an article (titled "Charlie Brown 
> of Moscow, Idaho") in the May 3, 1982 edition of the Spokane Chronicle.
> To make a short story shorter, I received that photo today.  Linked 
> below are scans of the front and back of that photo . . . hoping that 
> one (or more) of you fine folks would recognize him.
> Front
> http://www.MoscowCares.com/Photos/Moscow/050382_Charlie_Brown_Moscow_Front.jpg
> Back
> http://www.MoscowCares.com/Photos/Moscow/050382_Charlie_Brown_Moscow_Back.jpg
> Which begs the question . . .

Whoa!  There's a way-back machine flash!

I can't say that I knew him, but I knew of him.  Charlie Brown was a 
short term resident of Theophilus Tower after it first opened in 1969 
and before he moved off-campus, reportedly to somewhere on Moscow 
Mountain.  He was a chemical engineering student, very bright, and more 
than willing to explore alternative thought patterns for the problems of 
the day.  If you're interested in more pictures of him in the context of 
his times here, you might check out the indices for the University of 
Idaho yearbook, the Gem of the Mountains, for the decade between 1968 to 
1978.  I don't know for sure whether his image is actually there, but 
those are the most likely years for he and his fellow-student 


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