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Charlie Brown was a Moscow area local who lived up near the Idler’s Rest area.  He was (in)famous for having a proclivity for less than legal recreational ingestible fungi and smokeable plants.  He lived a relatively peaceful life up there, hosting the occasional party, or at least buying beer for what ended up turning into a party.  I think his house caught fire once because he’d treated the timbers with diesel.


Toward the end of his life, he was on one of the Spokane news programs discussing how the mice were undermining the road and it was falling to ruin.  


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Who dat?


Last week, as I was browsing a source for old photos of Moscow (the one in Idaho), I came across a press photo .


Apparently, this photo accompanied an article (titled "Charlie Brown of Moscow, Idaho") in the May 3, 1982 edition of the Spokane Chronicle.


To make a short story shorter, I received that photo today.  Linked below are scans of the front and back of that photo . . . hoping that one (or more) of you fine folks would recognize him.







Which begs the question . . .



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