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I might misunderstand, but from what I read, this Tennessee State Senate
Bill that would have added the Association of Classical and Christian
*Schools* (ACCS) to a list of *accreditation* bodies, would only apply to
schools in Tennessee?

Of course, I wondered how many schools located where are accredited by the

According to their website (
http://www.accsedu.org/members__by_state/accredited_members ), below is a
list of schools, one close by in Spokane, Washington, and even one in
Memphis, Tennessee.

What difference would Tennessee state recognition, or the lack thereof, of
the ACCS make if ACCS accredits schools in Tennessee anyway?

What regulatory power would the state of Tennessee have over an ACCS school
that would be added by the fact that the state does not list the ACCS as an
accreditation body?

So what if Tennessee does not recognize the ACCS?  They accredit the
schools anyways!

This news story from Americans United for Separation of Church and State
discusses the possibility of "voucher plans" that Tennessee ACCS
recognition might allow, or have allowed:


As reported by *Nashville Scene*,
S.B.  1792 would have added ACCS to a list of accreditation bodies
recognized by the state. This by itself would not have necessarily entitled
ACCS-affiliated schools to public funding, but state legislators are
currently debating a voucher bill that would have altered the situation
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

Ad Fontes Academy
Centreville, VA <http://www.adfontes.com/>
Accredited since: May 2002
Annapolis Christian Academy
Corpus Christi, TX <http://www.aca-cc.org/>
Accredited since May 2009  Bayshore Christian School
Fairhope, AL <http://www.bayshorechristian.org/>
Accredited since October 2015  *Bloomfield Christian School*
Bloomfield Hills, MI <http://www.bloomfieldchristian.com/>
Accredited since: April 2013
*Cair Paravel Latin School*
Topeka, KS <http://www.cpls.org/>
Accredited since October 2014  *Cary Christian School*
Cary, NC <http://www.carychristianschool.org/>
Accredited since May 2002  *Cedar Tree Classical Christian School*
Vancouver, WA <http://www.cedartreeschool.org/>
Accredited since: November 2012
*Covenant Christian Academy*
Colleyville, TX <http://www.covenantchristian.net/>
Accredited since: April 2016 Evangel Classical Christian School
Alabaster, AL <http://evangelclassical.org/wordpress/>
Accredited since: February 2010 Faith Christian Academy (Conservatory)
Kansas City, MO <http://www.fcaclassical.org/>
Accredited since: April 2016
Geneva Classical Academy
Lakeland, FL <http://genevaclassicalacademy.com/>
Accredited since: September 2015 Grace Academy of Georgetown
Georgetown, TX <http://www.gracetx.org/>
Accredited since: November 2014 Hickory Christian Academy
Hickory, NC <http://www.hickorychristianacademy.com/>
Accredited since: January 2015
Logos School
Moscow, ID <http://www.logosschool.com/>
Accredited since: January 2000 Mars Hill Academy
Mason, OH <http://www.marshill.edu/>
Accredited since: October 2005 Petra Academy
Bozeman, MT <http://www.petraacademy.com/>
Accredited since: June 2010
Providence Classical School
Spring, TX <http://www.pcsclassical.org/>
Accredited since: April 2006 Providence Classical Christian School
Kirkland, WA <http://www.pccs.org/>
Accredited since: June 2004 Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma
Tulsa, OK <http://www.rpsok.org/>
Accredited since: November, 2011
Regents School of Austin
Austin, TX <http://www.regentsschool.com/>
Accredited since: April 2000 Regents School of Oxford
Oxford, MS <http://www.regentsofoxford.org/>
Accredited since: October 2013 Riverbend Academy
Ormond Beach, FL <http://www.riverbendacademy.org/>
Accredited since: September 2009
Rockbridge Academy
Millersville, MD <http://www.rockbridge.org/>
Accredited since: October 2003 Schaeffer Academy
Rochester, MN <http://www.schaefferacademy.org/>
Accredited since: June 2006 St. Stephen's Academy
Beaverton, OR <http://ststephensacademy.com/>
Accredited since: February 2012
Tall Oaks Classical School
New Castle, DE <http://www.talloaksde.org/>
Accredited since:  April 2009 The Ambrose School
Meridian, ID <http://www.theambroseschool.org/>
Accredited since: May 2006 The Oaks: A Classical Christian Academy
Spokane, WA <http://www.theoakscca.org/>
Accredited since: January 2007
The Paideia School of Tampa Bay
Tampa, FL <http://paideiatampa.com/>
Accredited since: March 2013 Trinitas Christian School
Pensacola, FL <http://trinitaschristian.org/default.aspx>
Accredited since: May 2010 Trinity Christian School
Opelika, AL <http://www.tcsopelika.org/>
Accredited since: Nov. 2012
Veritas Academy
Leola, PA <http://www.veritasacademy.com/>
Accredited since: December 2002 Veritas Christian Community School
Sierra Vista, AZ <http://www.veritasccs.com/>
Accredited since: February 2012 Veritas School
Newberg, OR <http://www.veritasschool.net/>
Accredited since: October 2007
Veritas School
Richmond, VA <http://www.veritasschool.com/>
Accredited since: January 2013 Westminster Academy
Memphis, TN <http://www.wamemphis.com/>
Accredited since: April 2002 Whitefield Academy
Kansas City, MO <http://www.whitefieldacademy.org/>
Accredited since: February 2013

On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 8:51 PM, Moscow Cares <moscowcares at moscow.com> wrote:

> Courtesy of the Southern Poverty Law Center at:
> https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2016/schools-
> association-rejected-after-founder’s-past-surfaces
> ---------------------------------
> Thirteen years ago, an evangelical minister in Idaho who was about to
> headline a “history” conference at the University of Idaho at Moscow ran
> head-on into a massive political firestorm. The cause was a book pastor
> Douglas Wilson had co-authored that offered up an unusual take on
> antebellum American slavery.
> Thirteen years ago, an evangelical minister in Idaho who was about to
> headline a “history” conference at the University of Idaho at Moscow ran
> head-on into a massive political firestorm. The cause was a book pastor
> Douglas Wilson had co-authored that offered up an unusual take on
> antebellum American slavery.
> “Slavery as it existed in the South … was a relationship based upon mutual
> affection and confidence,” according to *Southern Slavery, As It Was*.
> “There has never been a multiracial society which has existed with such
> mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world.” And there was
> this: “Slavery was to them [slaves] a life of plenty, of simple pleasures,
> of food, clothes and good medical care.”
> An uproar ensued, with the presidents of two local universities, numerous
> editorials, scores of letters to the editor, participants in several
> rallies and any number of other sources condemning Wilson’s sorry
> scholarship. Historians pilloried Wilson for a rose-colored version of
> slavery as it never was.
> Earlier this year, Wilson, in a form, was back.
> In February, the Tennessee state Senate considered a Republican bill that
> would have allowed church schools to be accredited by the Association of
> Classical and Christian Schools — started by Wilson years before to
> accredit such schools as his own Logos school in Moscow. The association’s
> site still carries Wilson essays like “Nurturing Masculinity,” and includes
> in its recommended readings an essay by R.L. Dabney, a Confederate chaplain
> who once described black people as a “morally inferior race,” a “sordid,
> alien taint” marked by “lying, theft, drunkenness.”
> Wilson has also called for the execution of adulterers, said LGBT people
> should be exiled, argued that a rapist should be able to pay his victim’s
> father in order to make her his bride, and said women are made to depend on
> men. He no longer has an official position with the association, but Raw
> Story reported that he was to give the group’s annual conference plenary
> speech earlier this year.
> In the end, Wilson’s comments came to public attention, and the bill
> offered by state Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) went down to defeat.
> Apparently, Wilson’s views were too much even for conservative lawmakers.
> ---------------------------------
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> "When people sin, everybody has to pay."
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