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On October 25th the Moscow Human Rights Commission presented two important speakers who discussed the religious exemptions for faith healing in Idaho, a pressing and controversial topic.

Idaho is one of the few states that has religious exemptions to child neglect and protection statutes, that result in some areas of Idaho having a childhood death rate ten times higher than the rest of the state.

Linda Martin, survivor of a faith-healing sect in Idaho and child rights activist, shared her personal story and insight into the faith healing groups in Idaho.

“An adult’s religious freedom crosses the line when it causes death to a child...”
– Linda Martin

Shaakirrah Sanders, an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Idaho, provided legal context and discussed Idaho’s religious exemptions.

“...What are the limits to religious freedom and the right to parental control and here does that child's individual right to life really come into play?”

– Shaakirrah Sander


Videos and photos of this forum are viewable at:

Religious Shield Laws & Children's Rights: An Education Forum


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