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The criticism of D. Trump in this article has been repeated ad nauseam,
though given the significant number of voters who do not appear to be
sufficiently appalled by D. Trump to drop their support, it bears repeating.

But the interesting part was the history of the Atlantic magazine having
only officially endorsed three for the presidency: Lincoln in 1860 (the
*Republican* standard-bearer!), Johnson in 1964, and and now H. Clinton.
The endorsement for Johnson was specifically against Goldwater, as the
endorsement for H. Clinton is in opposition to D. Trump.  Lincoln's role in
the slavery issue earned his endorsement.

*The editors made it clear that if one of the other major Republican
candidates had received their party's nomination, they would not be
endorsing H. Clinton, given that in general the magazine does not endorse
presidential candidates.*
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> http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/11/the-case
> -for-hillary-clinton-and-against-donald-trump/501161/
> Have a look......
> Debi Robinson-Smith
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