[Vision2020] Creepy Clown prank officially hits the Palouse

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I don't quite get the psychology of this prank. I see someone dressed as a
clown, I call the police? What?

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> Creepy Clown prank officially hits the Palouse
> The creepy clown prank has officially hit the Palouse.  Moscow Police
> responded to reports of people dressed as clowns Monday night on and near
> the University of Idaho campus.  None of the sightings involved any kind of
> violence and officers were unable to locate any clowns.  Moscow Police are
> reminding the public that it’s not illegal to dress up as a clown, but it
> is illegal to trespass, stalk…..or entice a child.  Moscow Officers believe
> the people engaging in this activity are trying to get attention by causing
> fear.  Pullman Police want to remind people to always be aware of their
> surroundings especially if walking alone at night.  Pullman Officers say if
> any situation or individual makes you uncomfortable leave right and report
> any suspicious activity by calling 911 immediately.  Washington State
> University Police responded to several reports of creepy clowns on campus
> Sunday night but were unable to locate anyone in a clown getup.
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