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"In the fall of 2003 a small booklet entitled Southern Slavery, As It Was (1996), drew community attention to local pastor Doug Wilson and his co-author Steve Wilkins, a Monroe, Louisiana, pastor.

Southern Slavery, As It Was represented itself as a biblical defense of antebellum slavery in the United States.  Both the content of the work and the authors unapologetic attitudes fostered a climate of growing community polarization.

"Michael Hayes captured on film the increasingly tense confrontations between Mr. Wilson's supporters and his opponents, which culminated at the annual Christ Church "History Conference" in February 2004.  With the arrival of Steve Wilkins, a founding member of the League of the South, and George Grant, a Christian Reconstructionist from Tennessee, the stage was set.

Opponents of the Wilson-Wilkins-Grant worldview organized seminars and human rights celebrations to counter the rhetoric of the History Conference.  Many of the issues raised during this time remain unresolved."

This video is accessible at:

"My Town"


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