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Idaho Against Hate

This event is a peaceful protest against the hateful rhetoric we have seen on the campaign trail from our future President. We are here to stand in solidarity with our Black, Latinx, Muslim, LGBTQIA, disabled, and undocumented siblings. We want to make it clear to our legislatures and representatives that we are not happy and will not be silent. We do not support the propsed policies of our president elect and the way that he targets certain groups of people. We will fight against hate and oppression wherever it may come. We will not be silent. We are angry and we will channel that anger to create change.

Violence and vandalism will not be tolerated in this space. This is a peaceful, non-violent event. 

This protest is in accordance with Moscow city ordinances, we have the appropriate permits and are in communication with the Moscow Police Department.

Where:  Friendship Square 

When:  November 12 (Saturday), 2:00 pm 


Seeya there, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares"
Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho
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