[Vision2020] Latah County election results

Kenneth Marcy kmmos1 at frontier.com
Thu Nov 10 00:00:28 PST 2016

Today an interesting discrepancy has been on Internet display.  The 
November 8 election results, in a cumulative report dated November 9, 
2106, at 12:57 AM, posted at the Latah County election site, indicate 
that 33 of 33 precincts have been counted. The election results as of 
that report show state senator Dan Schmidt winning over his opponent, 
Dan Foreman.  I printed a copy of these results at about 8:30 this 
morning, followed by the results from the Idaho Secretary of State's 
election web site, which show senator Schmidt losing to his challenger.  
It is now almost midnight, and the Latah County elections site still has 
last night's incorrect results posted to the world.

If the Secretary of State's office has more up-to-date numbers, from 
where did those numbers arrive at the Secretary's office?  Might it have 
been the Latah County office?  So, why does the local web site not 
reflect those numbers?

Noted with interest is the label on the URL leading to the list of 
presidential write-in results.  It is spelled Pres Wright Ins.  Many 
recognize Idaho as an election fly-over state, but it was unexpected to 
see Orville and Wilbur Wright commemorated in this manner.


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