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Thank you, Anna Daley Laursen. 

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> Courtesy of the opinion section of today's (May 27, 2016) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks and appreciation to Anna Larsen.
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> Letter: Confederate flag at high school
> Last week at the annual Moscow High School Show and Shine, two Confederate flags were flown on two vehicles, and one was painted on the bed of a flatbed truck. The school moved the flags to a less-central location. However, they remained on school grounds. Many students were offended by this display, but many did not see an issue with it.
> Throughout the day we heard arguments in favor of the flag citing Southern heritage, freedom of speech and a separation from the racist history of the flag. On behalf of the Moscow High School Human Rights and International Club, I'm writing to say while we recognize the arguments stem from ignorance, they are inexcusable. Regardless of intent or individual beliefs, the historical context and negative symbolism of the flag cannot be separated. The implications behind the Confederate flag include promotion of slavery and white supremacy.
> There is a gray area in terms of the school's ability to oversee students' behavior and First Amendment rights, but because of precedents set in past court cases, the school has authority to remove the flag from the grounds, especially during school-sponsored activities.
> Our policy defines violence as "any look, word, act or gesture that is offensive or hurts a person's body, feelings, or possessions."
> By this definition, both the placement and display of the Confederate flags were acts of violence, intentional or not.
> Perhaps most alarming of all was the lack of concern and action taken by Moscow High School students. If our fellow students would like to represent their Southern heritage, the club requests they find a new symbol without a history of racism.
> When students walk into a school we lose certain rights, and ultimately it doesn't matter what the flag means to the individual, it matters what the flag means to those that it oppresses.
> Anna Daley Laursen, Moscow
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