[Vision2020] additional background on story of football play including court documents.

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Yeah, I'd be totally happy with indicted!!  I am well aware of the politics
and ruling powers in  little town South Idaho, as most of us are.  The Texas
kid might get a prison sentence (depending on his connections in Lincoln
county that matter in in daily life there.  I'd be shocked and happily
surprised if any one actually to prison.  I do hope that the rotten, corrupt
school district is closed down and reopened with staff and faculty who have
a distinctly different approach than the current jackasses.  

Rose Huskey  


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How about indicted? this is so egregious it cannot even be fathomed.

Debi R-S


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It would appear that this insular little community had adults (within the
school administration and faculty who are named in the suit as being aware
of the racist behavior - including the "beloved" former basketball star who
now coaches at the school.  If this is the case these faculty /
administrator need to be fired.


Rose Huskey 

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