[Vision2020] Triple-murderer John Lee sentencing expected to be emotional day in court

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Triple-murderer John Lee sentencing expected to be emotional day in court
MOSCOW, ID — We are on the eve of what is expected to be an emotional day in court. Family members of the victims, shot and killed by John Lee, will come face to face with him (Tuesday) tomorrow.

KLEW News Palouse Bureau Chief, Alex Crescenti has a preview.

What will happen here inside the courthouse tomorrow, will not be easy for the victims' relatives.

They'll finally be able to let John Lee know what life has been like since he killed their loved ones.

In March, Moscow resident John Lee and his defense team entered an Alford Plea. It's a guilty plea that enables Lee to not admit to what he's accused of, but acknowledges the prosecution has enough evidence against him, to have convicted him. This is what he told the judge during that hearing.

"I don't agree that I did, but...it's not what I think it's what everybody else does," said Lee.

In January of 2015, Lee shot and killed his adoptive mother, Terri Grzebielski, his landlord David Trail, and Arby's manager Belinda Niebuhr. He also shot and injured Michael Chin.

Lee explained to the judge, he wasn't getting much sleep, and had chronic back pain.

"It felt like someone was torturing me," said Lee.

He went on to say he became paranoid and started to amass some guns.

"I felt...maybe people were watching me...and I thought maybe my parents were trying to poison me," said Lee.

Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson says they are seeking a fixed life sentence for Lee.

The hearing begins at 9:00AM in Latah County District Court. We'll be in the courtroom and let you know what happens.


Stay tuned, Moscow, because . . .

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