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Are Heidi Mund's ignorant, hate-filled rants an example of the culture to where our society is degenerating?  I, for one, pray NOT!

Courtesy of the opinion section of today's (May 20, 2016) Lewiston Tribune.

'Brave German Woman' warns against immigrants
Heidi Mund addresses Lewis and Clark Tea Party Patriots on what she sees happening in her country
A German woman urged Lewiston-Clarkston Valley residents to take a stand against Islam Thursday night, saying a mass invasion of Muslim immigrants is destroying her country and would do the same to the United States.
Heidi Mund, billed as a "Brave German Woman," spoke to about 50 people at a two-hour event organized by the Lewis and Clark Tea Party Patriots at the Lewiston Community Center. She is known for publicly protesting when an Islamic prayer was chanted inside a Lutheran church. A video of Mund being removed from the German church by police went viral a few years ago.
Several people in the audience said they've heard Mund's story on "The 700 Club" television broadcasts and through YouTube. They applauded and shouted "Amen" during her presentation.
Mund told the Lewiston crowd to put pressure on the U.S. government to stop Muslim immigrants from flooding this country. She said millions of Muslims have invaded Germany in the past year, but asserted that only a few are actual refugees.
"Nobody asked us if we wanted to help," Mund said. "We had to."
German Chancellor Angela Merkel led the charge, Mund said, allowing refugees to penetrate the country without a proper vetting process. The immigrants show up with working cellphones, Mund said, but do not have passports.
"I am convinced she is a real socialist," Mund said of Merkel.
Islamic State followers are already inside Germany, according to the mother of three. Many are young Muslim men of military age, who were recruited in Pakistan and arrived in her country via Afghanistan, she said.
"They are somewhere in Germany, and I expect one day they'll come out," Mund said. "And we're not allowed to protect ourselves. Our government still doesn't allow us to have guns, even a little one."
Mund said she considers all people equal, but she doesn't want ISIS to have control of her country. She fears for the safety of Christians throughout the world.
"They want to destroy us," she said. "For me, this is not prejudicial. Shouldn't we love our children first?"
Mund alleges the number of rapes in her country have increased since the "mass invasion," along with diseases.
Christian school girls kidnapped in Nigeria are likely sex slaves now, Mund said, and her government did little to find them.
"We had a hashtag," quipped Rose Bunch of Clarkston, who helped organize Thursday's event.
Mund said when Muslims speak about Christians, they are talking about non-Arabic countries, including America. We should be on high alert for an infiltration.
"For them, we are all Christians," she said. "This is a warning. We're all in the same boat. Be careful because they have plans."
Mund is spending two weeks in the United States before returning to Germany. She and her husband drove to Lewiston from Seattle and planned to head to Spokane today for a speaking engagement.
After she was removed from the church for speaking out against Islam, Mund and her husband were involved in protests.
"We got a lot of persecution from leftists," she said. "I think you call them Democrats."
The comment drew laughter, and people nodded their heads in agreement.
"We cannot fold our hands and do nothing," she told the audience. "We have to do something. Put pressure on the government and follow the Ten Commandments. Get on your knees and pray for your country.

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