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Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett
Urge CNN to stop its climate negligence
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*Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Show climate coverage, not fossil
fuel ads.

*Petition to CNN:*
*"Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive coverage
on the urgent issue of climate change, and stop airing ads from
organizations that deny science and obstruct climate action."*

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Dear Ted,
[image: CNN: The Climate Negligence Network]

Last year was the hottest year on record, smashing the global record set *just
the year before* in 2014. And by April of this year, scientists were *already
declaring* that 2016 will be even hotter.1

That should be news, right? The type of story that news operations —
fulfilling their public duty to contribute to an informed populace — would
want to cover?

*Not if you are CNN, apparently. A new study by Media Matters reveals CNN
actually airs far more fossil fuel advertisements than coverage of climate
change - by a margin of 5-to-1!*2

That is totally unacceptable. CNN has come under scrutiny recently for it’s
lack of substantive news coverage. Now is the time to pressure CNN to halt
its climate negligence.

*Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive
coverage of climate change, and stop running ads for organizations that
deny science.*

According to the study, in one week following the announcement that 2015
was confirmed as the hottest year on record by NASA, CNN aired exactly 57
seconds of climate coverage — *compared with more than 12.5 minutes of ads
from the American Petroleum Institute.* And that analysis doesn’t even
include dozens of ads for Koch Industries which “were not energy-focused
but did serve to boost the image of the oil billionaire Koch brothers’
primary corporation.”3

*Not only is CNN virtually silent on informing the public about the damage
being caused by climate change, it is giving a platform to — and
legitimizing — the voice of notorious climate deniers* like the American
Petroleum Institute and the Kochs, who have actively lobbied against
climate action and promoted fraudulent doubt of climate change.4

*Does CNN simply think climate change is not important? Or are they
allowing advertising dollars to actively suppress their climate coverage?*

Either way their level of coverage of climate change — the most pressing
issue facing all of humanity — should be an embarrassment for the
organization whose title is "The Cable News Network." And now is the time
to call the organization out.

*Tell CNN: Stop the climate negligence. Inform viewers with comprehensive
coverage of climate change, and stop running ads for organizations that
deny science.*

Thanks for speaking out.

Elijah Zarlin, Director of Climate Campaigns
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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