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Raccoon tries to make friends with a not so enthusiastic feline just in time for Raccoonerday.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail (London, England) at:


My what big claws you have! Adorable moment a curious raccoon attempts to become friends with a reluctant cat 

Video shows a curious raccoon attempting to play with a tiny kitten 
Clip has already amassed more than 62,000 views in a matter of days  
Raccoon tries to paw at the kitten's ears and face in adorable footage 

A 'masked bandit' has attempted to forge a rather unlikely friendship - with a tiny kitten.
In an adorable clip posted online, a raccoon - which appeared to have broken into a home - can be seen desperately trying to play and make a new friend.
As the kitten relaxes on its bed, the raccoon claws at its face and ears, while the placid feline simply lies there appearing somewhat baffled.
In the video the inquisitive raccoon, which is twice as big as the cat, tries with all its might to reach its new 'toy'. 
It reaches for the cat's face and paws and clambers to get nearer to it, however when it becomes slightly over zealous, the owner swiftly pulls the kitten to safety. 
Filmed in Tver, Russia, the video has already amassed more than 62,000 views in a matter of days. 
While its sharp claws do appear to scratch the kitten, the raccoon's attempts do seem affable rather than sinister.   
Known for their opportunistic, bold and crafty nature, raccoons are known to frequent private properties, scavenging for food. 
Native to North and Central America, Europe and Japan, the animals can grow up to 37 inches (95 centimetres), and weigh as much as 10.4 kilograms (23 lbs). 
They are not generally known to be sociable creatures - making this exchange all the more adorable. 
As omnivores, raccoons eat both vegetation and meat consisting of frogs, fish, crayfish, insects, rodents and bird eggs - so the kitten was unlikely to have become a meal for the inquisitive animal.

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