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Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse are completely inseparable buddies. Enjoy Caturday with your best bud.

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When good neigh-bors become good friends: The horse and cat who have a heart-warming bond

- Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse are completely inseparable buddies 
- When the cat was a kitten the horse acted like a father figure to him
- Now the two are best friends and spend nearly all their free

Despite their huge size difference Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse have formed one of the animal kingdom's most unusual bonds.
The pair are totally inseparable spending hours cuddling one another, and they even eat and sleep together at their Fairfield, Illinois ranch.
Sappy formed the unlikely friendship when he was just a kitten when Dakota acted like a father-figure to him, explained the owner.
'When Sappy was a small kitten, I could tell they had a close bond, the kitten never paid attention to other horses,' said owner Denice Kinney. 
'Sappy was in Dakota's stall all the time and when Dakota was grazing, Sappy would stand by him.'
On the large size difference between the two, Denice added the horse could technically crush the cat at any time.  
He said: 'Dakota could step on Sappy the cat at any time and destroy him but he chooses not to, they are so cute together!'
The duo spend practically all their free time with each other, and often Sappy enjoys a rest on the horse's back.  
The cat clambers up to the spot by climbing up Dakota's tail.  


Unusual relationship: Sappy the cat has an unbreakable bond with Dakota the horse in Illinois.

Wonder of the animal world: The two do almost everything together and are now totally inseparable.

Father-figure: Sappy formed the unlikely friendship when he was just a kitten and Dakota acted like a father.

Comfy bed: Sappy relaxes on the back of Dakota, she gets to the spot by climbing up the horse's tail. 

Affectionate: Despite the massive difference in size Sappy has never been afraid of the large brown horse.

Cuddle time: The pair spend almost all their free time together and even sleep and eat together.


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